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Prolific Graffiti, a THR3E Technologies company, is focused on creativity on the web. Mike Rioux, Chief Pixel Guru is passionate about the opportunities the web offers individuals and businesses alike. was created to bring your ideas to the web..

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Our Ideas

Website Design

Do you need a website? Having an Internet presence and an e-mail address is essential in today's escalating medium of communication. The World Wide Web is the fastest growing market of advertising in history. A professionally designed website is an invaluable tool to provide others with information. It has become as important as having a business card or phone number, however, a website provides 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 days a year advertising and accessibility.

Digital Signage

Digital signage enables users display their messages more dynamically and targeted. In today`s media cluttered environment dynamic images are more appealing - and can convey way more information - than static ones can. Each display, connected to the network via media players, can convey different messaging. It allows you to tune your message to your audience. Making your message more relevant and enabling you to communicate with the public in a targeted way.

Web Selfies

A personal website is expected. It does not have to be expensive or super coded (better if it is not, actually). It should however tell your own unique story. Everyone is special. Everyone is different. The key — perhaps the main key — is finding what is different about you and then expressing to the world that difference and what you can offer it. A website is one way you can communicate your difference, grow your network, and make connections through out the world.

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Latest Events

15September, 2014

New look, same great company
Prolific Graffiti launches its new website.

17September, 2014

Radio Unidos- Expands to include Mobile & Video
After 8 years, Radio Unidos is undergoing a new design to launch their new Web TV Show.

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